How can you plan for your future? When you think of the future, how do you feel? Organised, prepared and excited? Or anxious and a bit out of control?

There may be little you can do to foresee the future, but there are steps you can take to retain some control over it. These steps include deciding who you want to help you with your finances and healthcare decisions during your lifetime so that you are suitably looked after should you lose your mental capacity; who should administer your finances after your death; who should look after any young children you have, and who should inherit from you.

By putting in place a Power of Attorney and a Will you can achieve this control. Trusts can also be a very useful tool in reaching this goal. If you start planning early enough you and your family can look forward to a peaceful life knowing that all of your affairs are in order and that everything is taken care of.

The TSP Wills and Estates team can provide you with advice and assistance tailored to your particular circumstances in the following areas:



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We pride ourselves on providing a service which is both friendly and professional and on understanding our clients’ objectives. We recognise that in many instances we will be advising you during a very difficult and distressing time. Based in both Colchester and Clacton, the team, led by Fiona Ashworth, offers a flexible and friendly approach which includes home visits and out-of-hours appointments, as well as ample car parking and easy access for the disabled.

The Wills and Estates team at TSP have created a guide to help you understand how you can plan for the future. It explains the nature of the options available to you and the effect on your family and friends if you have these documents in place, and if you do not.

If you would prefer a have a hard copy, please fill in your details here and we will arrange for one to be sent to you.

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