A dispute with a business, a bank, a travel firm or tradesman? With your neighbours or your family? The TSP Dispute Resolution team, led by Andrew Breckenridge, has the experience to help.

The team is able to advise you on the best way of resolving all manner of different disputes. Our experience ranges from small but important claims for individual clients through to multi million pound cases heard in the County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal.  No matter how large or small your claim may be the team will provide the practical advice that you need during what can be a fraught and stressful time for you.

Our team aim is always to resolve disputes without the need to go to court if possible. This is achieved using Alternative Dispute Resolution. The team are experienced in negotiating, round table meetings and mediation as well as litigation.

If a case is defended then it will be allocated to one of three “tracks” within the Court system in England and Wales. There are a number of things that a Court will consider when deciding which track a case should be allocated to but, in the main, the financial value of the case will be the overriding factor. Find out more here.

We can advise you on your prospects of success, tactics and will discuss the likely costs involved.

Acting on behalf of either claimants or defendants, our team has a broad range of experience in a wide variety of Dispute Resolution for Individuals, including:

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