The amount of Clinical Negligence compensation that can be claimed is based on the level and extent of the pain, suffering and loss sustained; the amount of damages that can be awarded will therefore vary hugely from case to case. Compensation for the preventable death of a high-earner with dependants i.e. a spouse or young children, can be substantial. For example we have had a case of this nature that achieved a million pounds in compensation. Similarly, there are cases where the damages that can be claimed have only a low value. The level of compensation depends entirely upon the circumstances of each individual’s case.

You can claim for any injury or loss suffered which was caused as a direct result of the negligent treatment you received; this may include:

  • Physical pain and suffering and the loss of the things that make life pleasant, whether physical or psychological
  • Loss of earnings
  • The cost of any extra care or equipment you may need
  • The cost of any ongoing treatment
  • Psychiatric or psychological injury

Compensation for pain and suffering is based on awards made by the Courts in previous cases where the injury sustained is similar to that of the client.

If your case relates to someone who has died then you can claim:

  • Bereavement damages if your husband, wife or child under 18 has died
  • Loss of dependancy on the deceased’s income or services. For example if the person who has died contributed to the running of the household in terms of financial income or non-monetary services provided around the home. 

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In the guide you will find detailed information about the different types of Medical Negligence claim and what to do if you believe you or a family member have been a victim of Medical Negligence. The guide also provides useful information about the steps in the Claim Process and the different funding options available.