Support Services at TSP are provided primarily by two teams:

The Administration Team: The “Admin Team” is led by Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O.) Sean Stuttaford. The wide-ranging responsibilities of this team include

  • Reception, office management and administration
  • Marketing and business development
  • IT and infrastructure

The Admin Team is likely to be your first point of contact when you get in touch with us, and they will always be happy to make sure that you are directed to the most appropriate person to deal with your enquiry. Steve Webb is the firm’s Managing Partner and Mary Anne Fedeyko Senior Partner.

The Accounts Team: The Accounts Team reports to Director Sharon Auton, who is the firm’s COFA (Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration). The team is led by Accounts Manager, Wendy Mayers, and ensures compliance at all times with the stringent requirements of the SRA Accounts Rules, not only in relation to the firm’s own finances but most importantly with regard to clients’ funds with which we are entrusted as they pass through our hands in relation to clients’ various transactions.

The Accounts Team are the people to contact in connection with payment of funds to us, for instance if you wish to arrange payment of an account over the telephone.

Thompson Smith and Puxon is a partnership of the following limited companies:  Marcus J. S. Price Ltd,  Richard S. Porter Ltd, Mary Anne Fedeyko Ltd,  Steven J. Webb Ltd,  Claire Powell Ltd,  Nick Mayles Ltd, Stephen Firmin Ltd, Sharon Auton Ltd, Fiona M Ashworth Ltd, Kerry Addison Ltd, Laura Finnigan Ltd and Jolyon Berry Ltd. The individuals named as Senior Partner and Managing Partner are not partners in Thompson Smith and Puxon; any other reference to any individual as a “partner” is a reference to a role within the firm and is not a reference to being a partner in Thompson Smith and Puxon.

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