If you make a report and reasonably believe that the disclosure is in the public interest, and the report shows

  • That a criminal offence has been/ is being or will be committed
  • That a person has failed / is failing or will fail to comply with a legal obligation
  • That a miscarriage of justice has occurred is occurring or will occur
  • That the health or safety of an individual has been/ is being or will be endangered
  • That the environment has been/ is being or will be damaged
  • That information tending to show any of the above has been deliberately concealed



and if the report is made to one of the following (in the following order of priority):

  • Your employer
  • A legal advisor in course of obtaining legal advice
  • A government ministers (by employees of statutory bodies)
  • (Or if the above is not possible) to any other person responsible for relevant failure (subject to intermediate conditions)
  • A prescribed person or regulator
  • (Or if the above is not possible) to any other person/body (including the press and external disclosures relating to “exceptionally serious failures”) (subject to the most stringent conditions)

you will be protected by the Whistleblower Regulations if:

You are a worker i.e. you are an employee, a self employed person who provides services “personally” other than in the course of a profession or business, or you are an agency or similar worker, a home worker, freelancer, National Health Service practitioner or trainee.

If you feel that you may have a Whistleblowing related employment claim contact the TSP Employment team on 01206 574431 or info@tsplegal.com.

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