Employment Tribunals have the power to award up to £25,000 for a breach of contract, in excess of £76,000 for unfair dismissal, and unlimited compensation for discrimination.

The risks for employers are further increased because as there is a ‘no cost’ rule that exists in Employment Tribunals. If a claim is unsuccessful, then you are unlikely to be able to recover any of your legal fees from your former employee.

If your business is facing a Tribunal claim, then it can understandably be a stressful experience.

Our Employment Team has extensive experience in defending Tribunal Claims. We will give you advice on your legal position, and an opinion on the likely outcome should the claim reach a contested hearing at the Tribunal.

We will provide pragmatic and commercial advice on whether to settle, or whether you should fight. We will advise on the cost and benefit of settling or fighting the claim, at each stage of the process.

If your claim reaches a trial, then we can arrange for a barrister to provide representation.

If your case is suitable, we can also consider defending your case by charging a series of fixed fees.