Thompson Smith and Puxon is not authorised to conduct investment business by the Financial Services Authority. However, we are in certain circumstances able to offer a limited range of investment services to clients because the Solicitors Regulation Authority regulates us. We can only provide these investment services if they are an incidental part of the professional services we have been engaged to provide.

Thompson Smith and Puxon is a partnership of the following limited companies:  Mary Anne Fedeyko Ltd,  Steven J. Webb Ltd,  Nick Mayles Ltd, Stephen Firmin Ltd, Fiona M Ashworth Ltd, Kerry Addison Ltd, Jolyon Berry Ltd, Robert Ashworth Ltd, Andrew Breckenridge Ltd, Louise Margiotta Ltd, Hasina Choudhury Ltd and Caroline Nicholls Ltd. The individual named as Senior Partner is not a partner in Thompson Smith and Puxon; any other reference to any individual as a “partner” is a reference to a role within the firm and is not a reference to being a partner in Thompson Smith and Puxon.

Thompson Smith and Puxon is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under No. 56440 (Colchester) and No. 56441 (Clacton). For more information on the SRA please click here. VAT no. 103 2594 06 GB

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