Private Children Law covers disputes concerning children, usually between parents or relatives of children. These disputes may include:

  • how much time the children spend with each parent after separation
  • specific issues such as disputes over medical treatment, moving abroad with a parent or changing a child’s name
  • formalising the arrangements if someone other than a parent cares for the children
  • payment of maintenance, expenses or school fees for the children

When parents separate, emotions often run high but it is important to put the needs of the children first and avoid being caught up in unnecessary conflicts.

Resolution is a group of Family Law professionals who are committed to easing the pain and cost of family breakdown. Solicitors Juliet Gordon and Richard Jacob are both members of Resolution  so you can be confident that at Thompson Smith and Puxon you will receive advice that takes into account the needs of the whole family and, in particular, the children.

If you have a problem about your children following separation, Thompson Smith and Puxon will help you try to find a solution by:

  • listening carefully
  • giving practical advice and guidance about what you can do yourself
  • making referrals for you, where appropriate, so that you and the other parent can try to reach agreement out of Court
  • where necessary, assisting you in making an application to Court and representing you at Court

Every family is different but the team at TSP is here to give expert advice and support tailored to your specific circumstances. The tean can be contacted on 01206 574431 or by email at