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TSP’s Head of Personal Injury, Steve Webb, joins Dream 100’s Murf (Jonathan Murphy) to dispel some of the myths that surround personal injury claims. They talked about how claims are funded, phrases like “compensation culture” and also discussed the benefits of using a specialist local law firm for your claim.

In the part 1 Steve and Murf chat about

  • The types of accidents that Steve deals with
  • What a claim is and how you might know if you have a claim
  • Phrases such as “compensation culture” and “where there’s blame there’s a claim” and Steve’s thoughts on this
  • If you have a genuine claim what you can claim in compensation
  • Who decides how much compensation you might get
  • The largest amount of compensation Steve has achieved for a client

In part 2  Steve discusses the benefits of using a local firm and the claims process, answering the following questions

  • Is it best to stay local?
  • Can someone else see the solicitor on my behalf?
  • How long do I have to make a claim?
  • Will I have to go to Court?

And, in part 3 Steve chats about

  • What worries people before they come to see him,
  • Funding options for your claim and
  • What “no win no fee” means

If you have had an accident and someone else is to blame you may have a claim for Personal Injury. Contact Steve on or 01206 217045 to discuss your situation further. Steve is a Law Society accredited Personal Injury solicitor with more than 25 years experience dealing with clients’ claims.