Robert Ashworth and Fiona Ashworth has the incredible pleasure of being invited to the Cardiothoracic Centre in the Basildon University Hospital.

The ‘once in a lifetime’ visit was arranged by Essex Community Foundation where a small group of business professionals in Essex had the unique opportunity to tour the facilities and even get an up-close account of a live heart surgery.

This was a very special opportunity to meet top cardiac surgeons, Dr Clesham and Dr Keeble, who set up the Essex Heart Foundation in 2020 to support local charities working with cardiac patients in the community. The fund will facilitate the development of new clinical services and support local cardiovascular research and training.

Robert and Fiona often have clients that have serious health issues or who have sadly lost someone they love to a heart condition. Improving their knowledge of cardiac issues, talking to the surgeons and seeing the facilities up close will help them to understand the families concerns and they can direct them to the help and services of the Essex Heart Foundation when clients need some additional support.

Commenting on the experience, Robert Ashworth, Director and Solicitor, said: “Thank you so much for the invitation. To say it was one of the most surreal experiences is an understatement. Seeing events unfold in theatre, not to mention actually seeing open heart surgery close up, it really was an insight into the incredible job that they do at the Cardio Centre and how The Essex Heart fund is continuing to grow to provide local support”.

Fiona Ashworth said that this is an experience she will never forget – “What an amazing facility that we are so blessed to have in Essex. Supporting the Essex Community Foundation and their Essex Heart Fund is important. A brilliant day. Thank you for inviting us to see their life in your hands!”

For more information on the Essex Heart Fund, please visit their website: