When purchasing training from the TSP Academy you will not be engaged as a client of Thompson Smith and Puxon in the traditional sense. The TSP Academy is governed by separate Terms and Conditions here.

However, when purchasing training you will have access to a unique optional benefit detailed below. To access this benefit your organisation will be engaged as a client of Thompson Smith and Puxon and full TSP Terms and Conditions will apply.

A Unique Optional Benefit for TSP Academy

The Helpline service aspect of the TSP Retainer [Supporting Your HR Function] Service will be available to your organisation for a period of time depending on the TSP Academy Training you have opted for. The service is designed to support and help you manage day-to-day employment issues.

TSP HR Academy: As a delegate, you will be given access to the Helpline service for the duration of your Academy term-time. The Academy delegate will be the point of contact for your organisation during this time.

TSP In-House Training: For those who have purchased an in-house training course, nominated key individuals from your organisation will be given access to the Helpline service for one month following delivery of the in-house training course.

TSP will not charge your organisation for access to the Helpline service during this time, a service which usually costs between £300 and £999 (+VAT) per month, depending on the size and risk profile of the business.

In order to access the Helpline service, your organisation must become a client of TSP. Full Terms and Conditions apply, and will be provided at the point of engagement.


If you sign up to this additional benefit but subsequently cancel the training you have purchased, we reserve the right to charge for the access to services that you have used at the appropriate rate for the size and risk profile of your business.

The Helpline service will end automatically at the relevant date, however TSP will be in touch to discuss whether you wish to consider an extension, and the conditions that might apply.

You and your organisation can only take advantage of this additional service once. It cannot be purchased on multiple occasions.