When you are selling a property there are a number of expenses (or disbursements) that your conveyancer / solicitor must carry out on your behalf. Your conveyancer / solicitor will charge you whatever they have to pay (these are usually called expenses or disbursements) to carry out these checks, so these expenses will generally be the same whichever conveyancer / solicitor you choose to work with. Such expenses may include:

Official Copies of Your Registered Title: We will need to obtain up to date official copies of your title from the Land Registry. The Land Registry currently charge £6 for this. Subsequent title documents may need to be obtained from the Land Registry if they affect your title. We will advise you of this at the time, if applicable.

Leasehold Information Pack: If you are selling a leasehold property we will need to apply to the Management Company for their Management Information Pack which provides replies to specific enquiries and details regarding service charges and buildings insurance etc. This expense varies from Management Company to Management Company.

Bank Transfer Fee: If you have a mortgage we will need to send the money from the proceeds of the sale on completion to your mortgage company, a Bank Transfer Fee of currently £6 including VAT is payable for this. This is in addition to our charges for arranging the transfer, details of which will be provided as part of our detailed estimate.

We have put together a Guide to Moving Home, a PDF copy of which you can download by clicking here. The Guide covers everything you need to know about the buying and selling process. Alternatively contact us here or email movinghome@tsplegal.com to request your free, no obligation, quotation.