Thompson Smith and Puxon does not undertake legally aided Family work. Since April 2013 very little Family Law work can be undertaken under public funding (Legal Aid).

In our engagement letter and accompanying Terms & Conditions, we provide an estimate as to the costs of the work we will be doing for you, and details of our charging rates. Set out below is some further information regarding arrangements that we can make in respect of payment of our charges.

Expenses: If we need to make payments on your behalf, such as court fees, barristers’ fees or experts’ fees, we will need to receive cleared funds from you to cover such expenses before we incur the liability.

Our Charges: We are happy to accept instalment payments, which can, by arrangement with us, extend after the case itself is concluded.

Unbundled Services: We are happy to “unbundle” the services that we provide so that, instead of being retained to conduct all aspects of a case from start to finish, we undertake specified limited tasks for which we charge a fee for that specific item of work, the detail of which we will discuss with the client when we are able to assess how much work the specific task may involve.

For an indication of the likely costs involved in court applications for Resolving Children Issues click here, and for the likely cost involved in court applications for Financial Orders click here.