We would be very happy to support your employment claim with one of the following funding arrangements that we have available:-

An Hourly Rate: The traditional way to fund your Employment Tribunal claim is to pay an hourly rate. The benefit of this arrangement is that you only pay for the work that is actually undertaken, and you retain all compensation. We will provide an estimate when we know the facts of the case, and we will revise the estimate if necessary as the case develops. We will not know, until the case is concluded, precisely how much your final bill will be.  You will need to pay a deposit before we can begin work on your behalf. At the end of each month we will send you an interim bill with, if necessary, a revised costs estimate.

Insurance Funding: Many household insurance policies include legal expenses cover. You should look at your insurance policy as soon as you can to see if you have cover. If so, you should make an application as soon as possible. If you delay the insurers may refuse cover. Most insurance funding will not start until the insurance company confirms their acceptance of the case. They will not, normally, backdate any funding.

Fixed Fee Funding: We are happy to consider a fixed fee arrangement. This works by charging a fixed fee for each stage of the case, allowing you to budget for the costs and expenses involved.