Employers of all sizes need to keep on top of the rules and regulations affecting staff. We live in uncertain and changing times in which the rights of the individual can create high risks for an employer.

The TSP Employment team will partner with you and your business to help ensure that all aspects of your business are operating to the current legal requirements, providing practical advice on a wide range of policies and procedures. The team provide specialist support with staff and employee relations through the TSP Retainer; an agreement, that can be terminated at any time, which supports your in-house HR function whether it is large or small. By putting the agreement in place risks are reduced and problems are less likely to escalate into legal issues. As part of the service we provide you with regular legal updates and invite you to workshops to discuss issues that are commonly encountered in the workplace. We encourage you to consult us before you make or implement decisions so that we can help you get it right from the start. We guide you through the procedures and implementation of outcomes and help you deal with issues. The service aims to be inclusive and to provide you with the employment law advice and assistance you need in the day to day management of your business.

Here’s how:

  1. “Pay as you go” advice to our clients: speak to Richard or Jolyon about opening a file today
  2. Many clients prefer the financial certainty provided by setting up a Retainer to support the in-house HR function. For as little as £300+VAT per month, employers have access to a Helpline staffed by a dedicated, experienced employment lawyer who will be your primary point of contact
  3. We keep you updated with relevant information and can provide in-house training to managers
  4. We will act for you upon your instructions

Jolyon Berry leads the Legal 500 Top Tier Employment team at TSP. The team provide clients with a broad spectrum of legal advice and guidance on all aspects of Employment Law.

If you need legal advice and you don’t have a Retainer in place costs can quickly escalate, creating an unwelcome spike in expenditure and a significant distraction for managers.

Let us take care of the worry for you. To find out more about the TSP Retainer click here to download a PDF  booklet which contains all of the details. Alternatively pick up the phone and have a chat with Richard (01206 217027) or Jolyon (01206 217034), they would be very happy to discuss the options for your business with you.