Enforcement is the use of various processes to attempt to recover the judgment debt owed to you if payment is not made by the debtor. We will advise you on the best way to enforce your judgment. The various methods of enforcement and the fixed fee, on which we will charge VAT (at the current rate of 20%), for each are shown below:

The Cost of Enforcement Action£ Fixed Fee
Order to Obtain Information£150 + £30 VAT
Warrant of Control£150 + £30 VAT
Attachment of Earnings£150 + £30 VAT
Instruct Enquiry Agent to trace£50 + £10 VAT
High Court Writ of Control£150 + £30 VAT
Statutory Demand£450 + £90 VAT
Charging Order£450 + £90 VAT

You can read more information about the use of Statutory Demands here, this page also has information on the use of Bankruptcy petitions and Winding up petitions in Insolvency action. We will let you know our charges for these if we advise that they are necessary.

The Court fees for making applications for the various enforcement methods are shown in the table below.

The Cost of Enforcement Action£ Court Fee (no VAT)
Order to Obtain Information£100
Warrant of Control£100
Attachment of Earnings£30
Instruct Enquiry Agent to traceFrom £82.50
High Court Writ of ControlFrom £111.75
Charging Order£100

Issuing a statutory demand does not involve the Court and there is therefore no Court fee detailed in the table.

If you need help with debt recovery then please do get in touch.

Enforcement Action will be progressed by Lawyers in our Dispute Resolution team whose details can be found in related people below. For the purposes of pricing transparency and legal supervision team leader and Director, Sharon Auton is supervised by Steve Webb, and Laura-Pauline Adcock-Jones and Simona Morina are supervised by Sharon. Please read their profiles to find out more about the lawyers in our the team.