Our quote for the legal work on your debt recovery will be given on a fixed fee basis, subject to assumptions which are set out below. All prices shown below are exclusive of VAT with the VAT inclusive total (at the current rate of 20%) shown separately; this is the usual method of pricing for businesses.

The quote that we give you will be based on your individual circumstances and will depend on the specifics of your particular debt recovery.

TSP legal fees for your Debt Recovery: Before we issue a claim we will send a “Letter Before Claim” to try and recover the debt. Our fixed fee for sending this letter on your behalf will depend on the value of the invoice(s). It will be between £75 (£90 incl. VAT) and £150 (£180 incl. VAT).

If it becomes necessary to issue a claim we will charge you a further fixed fee  which will again be dependent on the value of the debt and range from £222 (£266.40 incl. VAT) to £470 (£564 incl. VAT). This fee includes receiving defence, application or part admission but not any enforcement action that may be necessary.

In addition to our fixed fee for the legal work, if you issue a claim you will also incur Court fees. These fees, which are based on the value of the debt, are shown in the table.

In our FAQ section, which you can access by clicking the yellow FAQ tab above related people and related guides below, you will find important information on

  • Key stages in your debt recovery
  • Key assumptions about the cost of your debt recovery
  • Key exclusions from the cost of your debt recovery
  • How long will your debt recovery take?

Your debt recovery will be progressed by Lawyers in our Dispute Resolution team whose details can be found in related people below. For the purposes of pricing transparency and legal supervision, team leader and Director, Sharon Auton is supervised by Steve Webb, and Laura-Pauline Adcock-Jones and Simona Morina are supervised by Sharon. Please read their profiles to find out more about the lawyers in our the team.