Unpaid invoices represent a serious threat to cash-flow and profitability. Our Debt Recovery Service will take away the worry of debt collection for you. It will allow you the time to concentrate on your business. For undefended claims (where the invoice is not in dispute) our fees are fixed, so you will know in advance precisely what your costs will be. Unlike many debt collection agencies, we do not charge a percentage of the money recovered and we will automatically claim contractual or statutory interest and compensation where applicable, and add this to the debt you are owed.

The Debt Recovery Procedure: Before we issue a claim we will send a “Letter Before Claim” to try and recover the debt. This pre-action letter gives the debtor one last chance to settle the matter. This letter is a necessary part of process under the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and if you don’t send one you may not be able to recover your costs later on.

The table shows the Court Fees for issuing a claim and our fixed fees for issuing proceedings. Both are dependant on the value of the claim.

If a case is defended we will charge our fees on the basis of the time we spend on your case to bring it to a resolution.

The court allows you to recover some of your costs on issuing, judgment and enforcement but not all of your costs will be recovered from the debtor.

The TSP Dispute Resolution team have an excellent track record of successfully recovering debts from individuals and companies in financial difficulties and those that simply do not want to pay.

Many businesses are vulnerable to the insolvency of suppliers and customers. We understand the importance of acting fast.  We are aware that few businesses can afford to become embroiled in long and drawn-out litigated cases and have a wealth of experience using Alternative Dispute Resolution, including negotiation, without prejudice meetings and mediation.

If you would like to instruct us in your debt collection please get in touch or complete our debt collection form.

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