As stated previously, the Personal Injury Compensation Calculator (PICC) in this website is intended to be a guide only and is not intended to be relied upon as precise advice, which can only follow formal instruction of this firm.

There are a number of factors which will affect levels of award individual to every case which need careful consideration by an experienced Personal Injury (PI) practitioner.

By way of example, and in addition to the factors referred to previously such as age and severity of injury, one factor relates particularly to multiple injuries. Where a claimant has several injuries which are separate and distinct (such as a broken leg and a sprained wrist) often the respective values of each injury will simply be added together when assessing an award. However, where injuries are linked (such as tissue injury to neck and back), often a discount will be applied.

All relevant circumstances will be considered and discussed with all of our Personal Injury clients as and when we are given formal instructions on a case. It must be remembered also that to succeed in a PI claim it is necessary to establish the negligence or the breach of statutory duty of another party. This again is particular to every case and requires considered advice from an experienced practitioner.