We are required by law to verify your identity. We will make a charge for these identification and verification checks, as follows:

  • For individual and joint clients, £10 per person
  • For Trust Clients, £10 per settlor, trustee and beneficiary
  • For Estate Administration, £10 per executor and £10 per beneficiary
  • Where a monetary gift is made as part of a property transaction, £10 per giftor whose identity we are required to verify
  • For UK based companies and organisations £10 per company / organisation. In addition, £10 for each individual beneficial owner and director we are required to identify. Where the beneficial owner is an overseas company or organisation £35 per company / organisation

We will apply VAT at the current rate to each charge: 

Where a company or organisation structure is particularly complex, and the checks required are likely to be significantly more involved than we would normally expect, we reserve the right to charge a proportionate additional amount that we will discuss with you.