The Government guidance that people should not mix with members of a different household and if they must do so then they should maintain a distance of at least 2 metres between each member of the household seems to create a problem for separated parents.

In a TV interview Michael Gove endeavoured to clarify how this problem should be addressed. Having initially given the impression that children of separated parents should not be “transferred” between their parents he then revised this to say that it was in order for children to continue to spend time with each of their separated parents. So to that extent this is an exception to the rule regarding members of different households spending time in each other’s company. However, this exception does not extend to the children spending time in the company of other family members who do not live in the same household as either parent e.g. most grandparents. So children should not be spending time with any members of the family who do not live with either of their parents.

Clearly if a member of either parent’s household has symptoms of the virus then while the required isolation period is running the children should not travel between their parents.

Upsetting though it is, parents and other family members who are having less or no time with the children at the moment should try to keep in mind that the sacrifice will help to accelerate a positive outcome. Hold on to the thought that the more care we all take the sooner this will be over and the sooner the arrangements can get back to normal and the sooner the children will be able to spend time with their family, their friends and their teachers.

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