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Richard Porter, Director and Solicitor, who leads TSP’s Employment Law team, recently (27 May 2015) joined Dream 100’s Murf (Jonathan Murphy) to discuss Employment Law.

In the first of three parts Richard and Murf chat about:

  • Richard’s role as an Employment solicitor
  • Contracts of Employment and their importance to both Employers and Employees
  • How Employee Handbooks can be used by Employers as a business tool, to protect both the Employee and the Employer and provide an “all reasonable steps” defence for the Employer
  • The importance of an Employer having policies and procedures in place and the possible effects on an Employer if not
  • The Equality Act and the 9 protected characteristics

In part two, Richard explains:

  • The Commercial aspects of his work as an Employment solicitor
  • The work he undertakes for both business and individual clients when difficult Employment situations arise
  • The types of problem that he comes across and the procedures that should be followed
  • An Employee’s right to be accompanied to a meeting
  • The ACAS Early Conciliation Procedure
  • Employment Tribunals and their associated costs

In part three Richard and Murf briefly discuss the recent General Election and the likely changes to Employment Law that may follow. They talk about

  • The Employment Law changes made by the coalition Government between 2010 and 2015
  • In particular they talk about the National Minimum Wage, the increase in penalties that can be levied on a company, and the introduction by the Government of naming and shaming
  • The changes promised in the Conservative manifesto
    • banning exclusivity in zero hours contracts
    • changes to the rules on strike action
    • three days paid volunteering leave
    • up to 30 hours free childcare for 3-4 year olds

The Employment team at TSP undertakes work on behalf of both Employers and Employees. If you have any questions about anything Richard talks about with Murf or have an Employment problem that you would like to talk to him about he can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 01206 217027.