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TSP’s Head of Family law, solicitor  Marcus Price, recently joined Dream 100’s Murf (Joanthan Murphy) to discuss Family Law, Marriage and Divorce. Marcus, who has more than 30 years’ experience as a Family Law solicitor, is a Law Society Family panel member and a Resolution accredited specialist.

In the first part of a 3 part series, Marcus and Murf chat about:

  • What is Family Law?
  • Does the law differ for same sex relationships?
  • Relationship breakdown: the options that can help you avoid a dispute
  • How to deal with a relationship breakdown: mediation, collaborative law, arbitration and court proceedings
  • How unmarried couples are affected by the law – parental responsibility, property issues

In part 2, Marcus explains pre-nuptial agreements and divorce in further detail:

  • The role of a Family solicitor
  • Pre-nuptial agreements – are they recognised by the law?
  • Can agreements be changed after they have been signed?
  • The fairness of pre-nuptial agreement
  • The legal procedure for divorce
  • What can make a divorce more complicated? Disputes over
    • Arrangements for children
    • Property and finance

Part 3 consists of Murf and Marcus discussing:

  •  Mediation
  • Why mediation is important in a divorce
  • How mediation can help when going through a divorce with children
  • Choosing a solicitor

If you have a Family matter that you would like to discuss with Marcus he can be contacted on or +44 (0)1206 217073.