Thompson Smith and Puxon were delighted to be instructed to form the ‘Wombles Community Charity’ which was registered with the Charity Commission on 30 March 2023.  What is more interesting is how this charity came into being:

During ‘lockdown’ TSP Director and head of the employment law team, Jolyon Berry, was inspired by to create a Facebook group called ‘The Wombles of Wivenhoe’; as a resident of Wivenhoe he regularly found himself picking litter during his daily dog walks.  The group was an instant success with hundreds joining over time with more than one member suggesting they commission a logo based on the original Wombles image.

Jolyon realised that the Wombles was a brand over which someone else was likely to have some sort of interest.  He made some enquiries and discovered Wombles Operations Limited which produces Wombles animations and continues the Wombles’ work.  The Wombles of Wivenhoe, got the green light from a real life Uncle Bulgaria, CEO of Wombles Operations, who came to TSP’s offices in Colchester to meet Jolyon which led to the pair agreeing to from the Wombles Community Charity.

The charity will provide support to community litter picking groups and assistance to primary schools educating on environmental issues.  Jolyon is the chair of the board of four trustees, all from Essex with the exception of Craig Treharne, CEO Wombles Operations Limited.

Orinoco, Wellington and other Wombles now reside in one of our client meeting rooms while Wellington and Bungo now oversee our training at TSP in their training suite