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Julian Wilson and Naomi Eady of the TSP Clinical Negligence team join Dream 100’s Murf (Jonathan Murphy) to talk about inquests. Julian and Naomi are both experienced at helping families who find themselves facing an inquest, perhaps following the death of a loved one whilst they are under the care of a hospital or a mental health facility. In part 1 Julian and Naomi chat with Murf about

  • What an inquest is
  • How a solicitor can help someone facing an inquest
  • How an inquest differs from a court hearing
  • The coroner and their role
  • When inquests are held and why
  • What someone should do if they think an inquest is needed

In part 2 they discuss

  • Where and when an inquest is held
  • Who carries out the inquest
  • Procedures on the day of the inquest
  • What the family of the deceased should be aware of before attending the inquest

In part 3 Julian, Naomi and Murf talk about

  • What a solicitor can do to help a family with an inquest
  • How the inquest works
  • An example of an inquest that Naomi has helped a family with
  • Client confidentiality
  • The press/media and how they may be involved
  • The impact an inquest can have on a family

If you have experienced any of the types of problem that Julian and Naomi talk about with Murf and think that they may be able to help you then please do not hesitate to get in touch. The TSP Clinical Negligence team will be happy to chat through your problem with you, either in person or on the telephone and this will be completely free of charge. Julian, who is a Law Society accredited Clinical Negligence solicitor with more than 25 years experience dealing with clients’ Clinical Negligence claims, can contacted on or by telephone 01206 217034.