17th April STOP PRESS: It is not too late to sign up for the Wheeler Way Walk! The event has now been opened up to younger participants. Participants 12 years and older can enter race one, and participants 2-12 years old can enter race two.

Thompson Smith and Puxon is pleased to be supporting the Wheeler Way Walk, a unique race for people with significant physical disabilities, which is being organised by Toby Wheeler, who himself has cerebral palsy. The Wheeler Way Walk will take place at the Sports Arena at the University of Essex from 2p.m. on Saturday 4 May 2019. For more details on how to enter and to receive an entry form contact Toby on wheelerwaywalk@gmail.com

Raising money for Team Angus (see Angus’ story below), Toby’s event will give others in the same situation as Toby the chance to enter a race that will accommodate their disabilities; Toby has made it his priority to eliminate as many barriers to entry as possible. He is training hard for the event and anticipates that the 400m course will take him approximately 30 minutes to complete. He hopes he will inspire those who have never before considered entering a race due to their disability to join him. It is not a race of time but an achievement of distance and confidence for everyone taking part, all of whom will be rewarded with a medal, certificate, goodie bag and T-shirt.

Toby’s Story: Toby Wheeler is an exceptional young man in his twenties who has cerebral palsy. Despite his disability he is determined and focussed with a never-give-up attitude to life. Toby started walking with the aid of a specialised walking frame just a few years ago. He has gained strength and confidence since having spinal and hip surgeries and through hard work and determination, combined with a physiotherapy programme, has gradually increased the distance he can achieve. You can see a video of Toby on his face book page here.

Last year Toby decided that he wanted to enter a race, but due to the time Toby would need to complete a race and other environmental factors there were too many barriers for him to easily enter one of the locally organised park runs. He therefore decided that he would organise his own race. Not only that, but he would raise money for charity at the same time. He researched charities and was immediately drawn to Angus’ story and wanted to do something to help.

Angus’ Story: Angus, like Toby, has cerebral palsy. Angus’ cerebral palsy was caused by a traumatic time at birth; he was born in 2017, in his parent’s car on the A120 and starved of oxygen for at least 30 minutes. His parents made every effort with CPR but feared the worse. The attending paramedics got Angus breathing again as they rushed him to hospital. He spent months in hospital fighting many battles. Angus is a brave and strong little boy with the most infectious smile. However, he needs therapies and equipment as he goes through life which the NHS cannot supply in the quantity needed to make a substantial difference to Angus’ life. Team Angus is raising money to fund the lifetime care that Angus requires. Toby understands the importance of equipment and physiotherapy programmes and was inspired to raise as much money as he can for Angus. He wants to make a difference to Angus’ life and inspire Angus to do incredible things.

Once Toby found out about Angus’ situation he resolved to raise as much money as he could for Angus during 2019. Therefore, in addition to the Wheeler Way Walk, Toby has persuaded a band of his supporters, including TSP’s Nicola Crisell , to Skydive in aid of Team Angus too! This event will take place on Saturday 6 April 2019. Toby has set himself a very modest fund raising target of £7,500 for the year. You can help Toby reach his target by donating at his just giving page here. Toby and Angus are pictured together right.

Support: Planning and running the Wheeler Way Walk will be a huge achievement for Toby. Toby has regular help and support; Harriet who works full time with Toby is supported by Anglia Case Management and Chloe, his tutor, from CCi, Toby’s education provider. Toby is also being supported in the organisation of his event by Disability4Sport.

Toby is an All Together Ambassador for Active Essex. All Together is a campaign to promote the opportunities available for people with disabilities to participate in sport and physical activity in Essex. Active Essex is supporting Toby with funding for both the medals and the barriers to mark the course for the Wheeler Way Walk.

As his Solicitor, Toby has enlisted our support. Our sponsorship will help Toby with the hire of the venue and the event insurance. However, Toby is keen to get other businesses involved too. He will be printing a programme for the event and will be offering advertising space in the programme for a small donation to Team Angus. Toby is also looking for volunteers to help at the event. Please do get in touch with Toby, on the above email address, if your business would be interested in supporting the programme or if you would like to volunteer on the day.

The Venue: The Sports Arena at Essex University is a new state of the art indoor arena which opened at the beginning of 2018. It is fully disabled friendly and is accessible to all – an ideal indoor venue to host Toby’s event. You can find more information about the venue here.