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TSP’s Robert Ashworth and Aileen Hirst, who are both solicitors in the Wills and Estates team, joined Dream 100’s Murf (Jonathan Murphy) for his regular Ask the Expert feature to discuss what Probate is and how it works. They also discussed Intestacy and what happens if someone dies without making a Will.

In the first of a three part series Aileen and Murf discuss:

  • The definition of “Probate”
  • A Grant of Probate – what it is and when to apply for one
  • Importance of consulting a solicitor when dealing with a deceased person’s estate
  • The practical elements to remember when someone dies

In part two Robert explains:

  • What Intestacy means
  • What a Grant of Administration is
  • Administering the estate of someone who has died intestate
  • The Rules of Intestacy and who inherits

In part three, Aileen and Robert chat with Murf about some of the questions that they frequently get asked:

  • Blended families and protecting your assets for your children
  • Social media accounts
  • Dealing with digital assets
  • Keeping your Will valid and up to date
  • Debts of a deceased person

If you have any questions regarding the administration of an estate or creating a will, you can contact either Robert Ashworth on or 01206 217026 or Aileen Hirst on or 01255 254243.