On Saturday 16th September, St. Michael’s Church hosted their annual Brantham Teddy Bear Parachute Challenge to great success. Friends of the Parish and surrounding schools were invited to design and manufacture parachutes for their brave teddy bears to take flight from St. Michael’s tower. There was an array of soft cuddly friends taking on the descent in excellently engineered parachutes of all shapes and sizes.

As teddies lined up to take the first jump, weather conditions were not ideal for a parachute. Although a glorious, warm, sunny day, the air was very still and many were hoping for a light breeze to lift their parachuting bears to success. However in the final minutes of the event, audiences watched in heightened anticipation as winds picked up and magnificently carried Baldric the Badger out of the grounds and across the surrounding fields. Once finally landed, Baldric had been airborne for an impressive two minutes and nineteen seconds. The closest parachuting bear, Lily, managed 49.96 seconds, followed by Fiddler, with 45.07 seconds.

As well as parachuting bears, the event had other stalls involved including a raffle, bake sale and parachute manufacturing shop. In total the event raised £850 towards St Michael’s Church. As with every year, Thompson Smith and Puxon was happy to sponsor the event and show their support on the day with Solicitor, Kim Huggins and Marketing and Events Coordinator, Sophia Ede attending.

Thompson Smith and Puxon Solicitor, Kim Huggins presenting the prizes to the winning bears and trainers. 1st place: Steve and Karen Mason with Baldric The Badger, 2nd place: Abbie Hart with Lily, 3rd place Richard L with Fiddler