On 14 March 2016, the Prime Minister announced national minimum wage increases to take effect on 1 October. The government has fully accepted the Low Pay Commission’s recommendations for this year. The following hourly rates of national minimum wage will apply from 1 October 2016:

The rate for workers aged 21 to 24 increases to £6.95.

The development rate (workers aged 18 to 20) increases to £5.55.

The young workers rate (non-apprentices aged under 18 but above compulsory school age) increases to £4.00.

The apprenticeship rate increases to £3.40.

Businesses should review their pay rates to ensure that they are aligned with these increased rates.

From 1 April 2016, the new national living wage for workers aged 25 and over came into force at a rate of £7.20 an hour, and did not change on 1 October. It has also been confirmed that all national minimum wage rates including the national living wage will be uprated in parallel from April 2017.

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