Richard Broadhead, Head of Residential Property at Thompson Smith and Puxon shares some practical tips for moving house over the winter period and in adverse weather conditions.

Moving house at any time of year can be stressful – but moving in adverse weather or over the Christmas period can bring a few more challenges! 

  1. Check opening hours. If your move is taking place over Christmas or New Year, it is important to check the opening hours of all firms involved in your chain.
  2. Exchange contracts early. If possible, try to exchange asap so that you can firm up your moving arrangements.
  3. Because it is going to be cold, we always advise that you arrange to test that the central heating works before you exchange contracts particularly if the property has been standing empty for some time.
  4. Allow yourself a little extra time. If weather conditions are bad, then the roads may be trickier than usual.
  5. Check your car. If you are using your own vehicles to move, then it is a good idea to check your levels and tyres before setting off.
  6. Dress in layers. Moving house can get hot, but if you are in and out of the cold weather, then opt for comfortable layers and sensible shoes with plenty of grip.
  7. Pack some essentials. It is useful to have an easy to grab bag full of essentials that you might need when moving, this could include phone chargers, paperwork, medication etc.
  8. Protect your floors. Wet weather and salted paths can cause damage to your new floors, make sure to protect them with sheets or mats.
  9. Consider using a removals company. With less happy helpers in the cold / Christmas period you may require the help of professionals.
  10. Share your new address. Santa will need to know where to find you!

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