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TSP’s Head of Residential Property, solicitor Laura Finnigan, and team member Catie Spink, a Graduate Member of the Institute of Chartered Legal Executives, join Dream 100’s Murf (Jonathan Murphy) to discuss moving home, what you can do to speed up the conveyancing process and the Government’s Help to Buy Scheme.

In the first part of a 2 part series Laura and Catie talk to Murf about:

  • What is conveyancing? The legal jargon explained
  • The Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) and why it is important
  • Speeding up the conveyancing process
  • Property titles and deeds
  • Buyer beware….
  • Filling out the forms and finding all of the relevant information

In Part 2 Laura and Catie discuss the conveyancing process in further detail and chat about:

  • The different steps in the conveyancing process
  • What are property searches/checks?
  • Exchanging contracts and completion of your move
  • Moving day!
  • What happens if a seller doesn’t leave an item they promised?

If you have any questions regarding the moving home process, you can contact either Laura Finnigan at or on 01206 217020 or Catie Spink at or on 01255 254258. Alternatively you can download our complete Guide to Moving Home – a comprehensive guide to the steps and the costs involved in the buying and selling process.