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TSP’s Head of Wills and Estates, Fiona Ashworth, and Nicola Ashby (GCILEx) join Dream 100’s Murf (Jonathan Murphy) to discuss the importance of making a Will and, in particular, the importance of appointing guardians for your children in your Will.

In the first of a 3 part series Fiona and Nicola chat to Murf about

  •  The importance of making a Will
  • When to start thinking about making a Will
  • Should you have a Will if you feel you have nothing to leave?
  • Leaving dependant children behind – who looks after them?
  • Appointing a guardian for your children in your Will
  • Why you should appoint a guardian in your Will? And,
  • Who to choose as guardians for your children

In part 2 Fiona and Nicola discuss guardianship in further detail. They talk about

  • Asking the permission of your chosen guardian
  • How the guardian will support the children financially
  • Creating a Will Trust and appointing trustees
  • Extending the age limit of guardianship beyond 18
  • Are Trust Funds only for the wealthy?
  • The cost of creating and managing a Trust
  • Other things to think about – a letter of wishes

In part 3, Fiona and Nicola explain what it means if you don’t have a Will and some of the other aspects involved in making a Will

  • Implications of not having a Will
  • The misconception that is ‘common law marriage’
  • Who you can leave your estate to and the Rules of Intestacy
  • Unclaimed estates
  • Other things to consider when making a Will e.g. funeral wishes
  • Where is your Will kept?
  • Can a Will be amended and how complex is it to do this?
  • How often should you review your Will?

If you have any questions regarding guardianship or creating a will, you can contact either Fiona Ashworth on or 01206 217057 or Nicola Ashby on or 01255 254243.