In a recent unreported case (Ramdhean -v- Agedo (1) The Forum Dental Practice Limited (2) [2020]), the Court held, at first instance, that a dental practice:

  • owes a duty of care to an NHS patient (which may not be delegated or outsourced); and
  • is liable for an associate dentist’s negligence in giving treatment to that patient.

Set against a generally accepted understanding and practice that dental associates have self-employed status and their own professional indemnity insurance, the judgement may come as a surprise to many within the profession.

Although the extent of liability has yet to be resolved, it is clear that the Courts are prepared to impose non-delegable duties of care and vicarious liability on a dental practice in respect of treatment given at the practice by associate dentists, which may well have significant and wide-ranging effects for the dental profession generally and, in particular, dental practices and their owners.

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