NHS England has reported serious failing of cancer care at Colchester Hospital. NHS England carried out an investigation into the quality and safety of cancer services at the Trust after an inspection by the Care Quality Commission revealed cancer patient’s records had been altered to fit in with national targets.

The NHS England’s official report said that cancer services at the Hospital were unsafe in five areas: urology, skin cancer, cancer of unknown primary origin, sarcoma, and cancer of the brain and central nervous system. The report warned that as a result of substandard care in these areas patients may have suffered harm as a consequence.

However, the NHS England’s report did identify positive areas relating to cancer care at the Trust.  Dr Sean MacDonnell, the hospital’s medical director, said: “there is much work to do but the report also points to areas of good practice, including dedicated clinical staff and teams that work very well together.” The Hospital is keen to reassure patients that it is safe for them to be treated at there especially now there is heavy monitoring and intervention in place”.

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