Thompson Smith and Puxon’s office at 41 Station Road, Clacton, has recently undergone a major refurbishment programme. Improvements have been made during the significant makeover, undertaken during late 2015 / early 2016, with a view to meeting the needs of as many clients as possible. In particular we have made the following provisions for disabled clients

  • Accessibility – we have added a new ramp to our building and widened the doors to our main meeting room to ensure easy access for clients who use a wheelchair.
  • Facilities – we have installed a wheelchair-accessible Doc-M Washroom, which also includes a shower and lockers for staff, and family friendly baby-changing facilities
  • We have introduced portable induction hearing loops at each of our offices

There are around 10 million disabled people in the UK. Some people have more than one disability; some have disabilities that cannot be seen. To complement the improvements we have made to our premises our staff members have recently received Disability Awareness training to ensure they understand how to meet the needs of our disabled clients, whatever their disability might be. Please do let us know when you book your appointment if you need to use the meeting room designed for wheelchair access or if you would like to use the induction hearing loop, or indeed if there are any other adjustments that we can make for you.

Managing Partner Steve Webb said “During the last 12 months we have invested in refurbishing our Clacton office and it is now well equipped not only to meet the demands of modern business but also to provide an extremely pleasant experience for visiting clients. As a firm, as well as its long established links to the business community in Colchester, TSP is also committed to being a part of the local Clacton based business community, as well as the wider population.

Our firm has grown significantly during the last five years and we wanted to capitalise on our success by ensuring we offer our clients the best possible service we can in both of our office locations. We feel that the improvements that we have made to our Clacton office will benefit all of our clients.”