The Agricultural Law Association (ALA) is devoted to the law and business of the countryside. It has a wide membership of professionals from across the agricultural sector, including lawyers, surveyors, accountants, bankers, farm business consultants and others. Its aim is to promote the understanding and development of the law and practice in agriculture, environment, food and related issues whilst providing a forum for those professionals to support each other in their specialisms.

The ALA runs a comprehensive education programme for professional members which ultimately leads to Fellowship of the Agricultural Law Association, a badge of excellence by which ALA members distinguish themselves. Two of TSP’s Agricultural team, Kerry Addison and Stephen Firmin are ALA Fellows.

Stephen says ” Achieving ALA Fellow status was hard work but exceptionally worthwhile. Fellowship is extremely useful, not only for the continued development of technical skills but also in bringing together professionals from so many different specialisms within the agricultural sector.”

Kerry adds “Stephen and I are attending the ALA Autumn Conference in London today. There are some excellent speakers on the agenda and I’m really looking forward to hearing what they have to say. As Stephen says though, the opportunity to meet up regularly with fellow professionals and to hear what they have to say about the sector, is an invaluable part of the Fellowship experience.”