As a matter of course, your solicitor will usually carry out a Local Authority search.  Apart from local road proposals affecting land within 200 metres of the property, the Local Authority search will only give information about the property itself, concerning the effect of Town & Country planning legislation, liability for road charges, compulsory purchase or demolition orders, financial orders and other matters which could significantly affect it.

The search will not give information about other property or the development of neighbouring land. If, therefore, you are concerned about the possibility of a development or any matters relating to other property or land in the neighbourhood, you should make enquiries of the local authority before you consent to the exchange of contracts.

As part of these enquiries, you can instruct your solicitor to carry out a Plan Search.  A Plan Search shows planning permissions and applications affecting the immediate vicinity of the property (usually up to 750 metres), which can include large developments or smaller applications such as single storey extensions or dormer windows.  It must be noted however that the search only reveals the position as at the date of the search and does not give information as to future planned applications.