Your solicitor will be able to inspect your property title to check that everything is in place before contract papers are sent out.  Any concerns that you may have relating to the property title can be investigated by your solicitor. Your solicitor will often be able to pre-empt questions that are likely to be raised by a prospective purchaser’s solicitor and should then be able to ensure that the information that will be required is to hand, thus reducing the risk of lengthy delays later  in the transaction.

You will be required to complete some protocol forms which will form part of the draft contract package.  These are standard forms which ask for details relating to the property, such as what building works have been carried out and who traditionally has maintained the boundaries.  Whilst these are standard forms, they can often take a while to complete if the information required is not to hand.  Your solicitor will be able to let you have copies of these forms so that you can start working through them now.