In the main there are 2 “worries”.

The first is Cost. Generally this “worry” applies to all clients no matter the type of injury and is almost always the overriding fear that people have. We always discuss funding options with a client at the very first interview and in general terms we usually manage to allay any fears the potential client may have.

The second “worry” often comes up when we see someone about an accident they have had at work. The Employee who has suffered an injury in the workplace is usually very concerned about what their employers can or might do to them if they raise a claim. As long as you have protected employment – this means you have been working for your employer for 2 years or more – then if they were to dismiss you or treat you badly then it would be open to you to pursue a claim against them in an employment tribunal. One of the benefits in this area for our clients is that Sam Welham, a solicitor in the Personal Injury team, also undertakes work for the Employment team, so has a dual knowledge.