This very much depends on the client. Some want compensation so that financially they and their families can deal with the disability or the loss that they now face and build a more secure future. Some want things to change; they often say that they do not want the same thing to happen to somebody else and by making a claim, which a Trust is then required to investigate, lessons can be learned and things can be improved. Some clients simply want an apology. Sometimes a Trust will issue an apology. Sometimes a Trust, even when accepting responsibility, will not apologise. This can be very dissappointing for some. There are of course a small percentage of clients who want “heads to roll” and, whilst every Trust will have its own internal disciplinary procedures, as your solicitor we are never privy to nor can we be involved in any internal action a Trust may take against any individual members of staff. Ultimately when you proceed with a claim for clinical negligence the only thing you can hope to achieve is compensation to reflect the preventable harm that the patient or their family has sustained.