No, I’m afraid that they don’t. As we explained in our “Do I Have a Claim” section there are a number of tests that must be satisfied in order to be able to proceed with a claim. However, even where we do not advise making a claim we do our best to explain why this is the case and help you to get some form of closure if possible. For example, a potential client approached us because he was concerned that he had lost the sight in one eye as a result of poor care. We sought an expert opinion on this and contrary to what the client expected, the expert advised that with this particular eye condition he would have lost the sight in that eye anyway, irrespective of what care he had been given; therefore he did not have a claim. The potential client was relieved to find out that his situation hadn’t arisen because of poor or negligent care and that he didn’t have to go through his life knowing it could have been different with better care. He said he felt very pleased to know that it wasn’t somebody’s fault that he was in this position. He did not have a claim but he did get closure which, for him, was just as rewarding.