The following do not form part of our standard legal service and would typically increase the cost of our service. We will let you know about any additional costs as soon as they become apparent. These include

– Rectifying unusual or onerous defects in the leasehold or freehold title

– The need to prepare any documents that are not part of the main transaction such as a statutory declaration for example.

– The need for an indemnity policy which may also be required in some non-routine circumstances

– If you do not provide crucial documents which we have previously requested

If you require a transfer of equity, for example, in divorce proceedings a property may be transferred into one of the party’s names as part of the financial settlement, we will provide you with a separate quote for this work.

We do not give advice on tax issues – we can refer you to an accountant if necessary – or negotiate price changes with your buyer, this is taken care of by your estate agent.