The following are excluded from the costs quoted above

– The legal work relating to the sale of the deceased’s main house or any other land or real estate property held at the death. Find out more about the cost of this work here

– Dealing with any challenges from HM Revenue & Customs or any corrective accounts that need to be submitted post grant

– Dealing with questions from potentially disappointed beneficiaries.

– Changes to legislation during course of the estate administration

– Tracing beneficiaries or engaging genealogists.

– Any indemnity policies, and associated disbursements, that may be required for potentially missing beneficiaries

– Trusts in which the deceased was a beneficiary at the date of death

– Trusts set up by the deceased under the Will

– Deeds of Variation for the beneficiaries

– Financial advice on the suitability of the disposal of assets in the estate

– Personal Taxation of estate beneficiaries

– The sale of the deceased’s interest in a business or farm. Business or farming advice.

– Restitution for long term care funding incorrectly paid by the deceased