During your first appointment we will discuss costs with you. We will provide you with an estimate of the likely costs and details of the current court fees which apply for issuing a Petition. The costs of the divorce will be separate to any costs incurred in connection with financial or children matters which, if they apply, will be charged separately.

The costs will vary depending on whether you are the person filing for divorce (the Petitioner) or whether you are the person responding to them (the Respondent). Costs will also vary depending on whether the divorce proceeds on a straight forward and undefended basis, or whether the other party fails to cooperate or seeks to defend the divorce.

We can offer a range of services to suit all budgets. If you wish to deal with the divorce without legal representation, with a view to reducing costs, we are happy to offer an “unbundled” service, so that, instead of us dealing with the whole divorce from start to finish, we only deal with specific pieces of work, such as checking through a document that you have prepared to ensure it complies with the legal and procedural requirements. In this situation it is generally possible to agree a fixed fee for each separate piece of work as and when that piece of work is requested of us.

Legal Aid is still available for mediation for those persons who are unemployed or on a low income. Mediation can be used to help resolve any financial or children related matters in connection with your divorce or separation. However, unless you have been the victim of domestic violence or there is a threat of child abduction, legal aid is no longer available for any family law proceedings including divorce and even in those limited circumstances when it is available, there are conditions attached.