If you have not been separated from the other party for 5 years or more, but have been separated for at least 2 years, and you wish to rely on the fact of your separation in the Petition, then you will need the other party to agree to the divorce. They can provide their consent to a divorce before the Petition is issued at court by way of written confirmation (this is the preferred route) and then by confirming the same when completing the Acknowledgment of Service form which must be signed by the other party (and their solicitor if they have instructed one). You must include the date of your separation and brief details of the circumstances in which you became separated. If you have not been separated for 5 years or more then you will also need to confirm the other party consents to a divorce being granted. Separation usually involves you or the other party leaving the family home on a permanent and continued basis, but it is also possible to be separated whilst living at the same address provided you are not living in the same household. We can discuss this with you if necessary as it will involve consideration of matters such as your mealtime arrangements, household chores and financial arrangements.