For a number of years users of the Family Court have had to come to terms with the fact that court proceedings can take many months to conclude. This situation will undoubtedly worsen as a result of the current situation. Inevitably a number of judges and court staff will have to self isolate so court paperwork is likely to take longer to process and court hearings longer to arrange.

Guidance issued by the President of the Family Division makes clear that the cases in which it will be felt appropriate for court hearings to take place in a court room with judges, court staff, the parties and their legal representatives all present in the same court room will be few and far between. A lot of hearings are going to be adjourned until a later date. Some may proceed on a remote basis where all concerned have access to the appropriate technology.

It is inevitable that for some time to come the processing of court paperwork and the arranging of court hearings are going to be significantly delayed. Please be patient with the courts at this very difficult time. Family solicitors should always try their best to help their clients to find a solution which requires the minimum involvement of the court. That objective has never been more important than it is now.

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