It is a fact that more women than men have plastic surgery. Although the male cosmetic surgery market is increasing it is still women who “opt to go under the knife” to change their appearance much more so than men. When you have a surgical procedure designed to make you look and feel better there will always be a fair amount of concern and worry when things do not go exactly according to plan.

Infection is a risk of all surgery, but with cosmetic surgery suffering an infection following a procedure seems to be a more common problem. This is perhaps because, in the main, a patient who has undergone cosmetic surgery is likely to be discharged more quickly than those who have had surgery for an underlying medical problem.  Infection following surgery can lead to pain, swelling and redness and in some cases it could mean implants need to be removed.

There has also been a lot in the news in recent times regarding the faulty breast implants manufactured by French company PIP. There is more detail about this in the medical equipment section of this calculator.