Gynaecology is the medicine of the female genital tract and its disorders.

Statistics show that women access healthcare more than men and it follows therefore that women will have more concerns and questions about their treatment than their male counterparts.

A large proportion of the clinical negligence enquiries we deal with relate to issues affecting women and there are several reasons for this:

  • Women naturally come into contact with medical practitioners more than men do because, put simply, women have babies and men don’t, so already this simple fact means that more women than men are exposed to hospitals and doctors
  • Secondly, without wanting to generalise too much, women are generally considered more willing to seek medical help more than men and also are much more willing to talk about things if they’ve gone wrong

These issues are often very personal in nature; they are often to do with breast and gynaecological issues involving very sensitive and intimate parts of the body.

We understand how daunting it is to not only question the medical treatment that you’ve been given but even more so when it is about a part of your body that is considered embarrassing.

This often puts people off doing anything about their concerns, but it is really important that, whatever part of the body is involved, you explore any concerns that you might have.

TSP Clinical Negligence solicitor, Naomi Eady, has a particular specialism in dealing with matters involving women and is able to offer an experienced sympathetic approach in cases involving breast and gynaecological issues.