There are a number of conditions where, because the symptoms are reasonably similar, misdiagnosis tends to occur more frequently than with other conditions when a patient attends at the Accident & Emergency department. Some examples of this are

  • Appendicitis diagnosed incorrectly as gastroenteritis
  • Perforated rectum incorrectly diagnosed as haemorrhoids
  • A delay in diagnosing an ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is a potentially life-threatening condition that needs prompt management. It should be high on the list of differential diagnoses for women of child bearing age who present at A&E with acute abdominal pain. A pregnancy test should be given to all females presenting with these symptoms and the patient referred quickly where there is concern.

If you believe your condition has been misdiagnosed in an Accident & Emergency department or indeed by any other medical practitioner and that you may have a claim as a result then please do get in touch with the TSP team.