Technology Crops International

Working in Perfect Partnership

Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, Technology Crops International (TCI) was founded in 2004 by current President and CEO, Andrew Hebard, and Chief Financial Officer, Mike Wainscott. The company has since grown into a multinational, global leader in the evaluation, development, commercialisation and delivery of plant oils and products from high-value speciality crops. Its philosophy is “From Soil to Oil, Naturally”, linking plant breeders with industrial oil buyers and end users.

Technology Crops Ltd is part of the Technology Crops International Group of companies and in March 2014 acquired another UK-based company, Premium Crops Ltd. Both TCI and Premium Crops Ltd operate in the same niche market but without any overlap or conflict in crop offerings; a perfect partnership.

The Business Services team at leading UK Legal 500 firm, Thompson Smith and Puxon (TSP) has worked with TCI since 2006, advising on a broad range of transactions including acquisitions, finance and property as well as considering and advising on commercial contracts and cross-border issues. More recently the team acted in connection with the merger with Premium Crops, dealing with all aspects including corporate, commercial, commercial property and employment issues and contracts.

Led by TSP Director Mary Anne Fedeyko, who originally qualified in Canada, the team has extensive experience of working with parent companies based outside the UK – in Canada, the United States and Europe – and as such is very often involved in multi-jurisdictional transactions.

TSP Directors Nick Mayles and Claire Powell, also members of the Business Services team, are able to provide expert advice on the corporate, corporate finance and commercial law aspects of any deal; together with Mary Anne they have wide experience of company restructuring, mergers, joint ventures and large industry acquisitions and contracts. Director Stephen Firmin leads on commercial property matters and Director Richard Porter advises on employment, outsourcing and TUPE issues.

Andrew Hebard, President and CEO of Technology Crops International, said “We have worked with TSP for a long time now and have always been exceptionally impressed by the nature and breadth of the work that they are able to undertake for us.”

“TSP is an ideal fit for TCI. In particular, Mary Anne’s background and the wide experience of Nick Mayles and other members of the TSP team means that they know how Canada and the USA work. They understand the culture, and how we like to get things done, and we have never been disappointed”

…Another perfect partnership.